Substance-Use Outpatient Treatment In Ballwin

Outpatient, mental-health focused, substance-use treatment in Ballwin.

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We accept most insurances.

Ballwin Drug and Alcohol Rehab

At Birch Tree Recovery, we are a holistic substance abuse treatment program in Ballwin, Missouri.

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Lasting recovery is built on a strong foundation.

1. Individualized Therapy

2. Group Therapy

3. Evidence-Based Practices

4. Medication Access

5. Family Therapy

6. Continued Growth

Birch Tree Recovery on Ladue Road Saint Louis

Birch Tree Ladue Road

Outpatient SUD Treatment

10324 Ladue Rd Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if outpatient care is right for me?

The outpatient level of care was designed as a supportive option for individuals who have a lower risk of withdrawal and less symptom severity, and don’t require a 24hr structured setting.

Does Birch Tree accept my insurance?

We are accepting self-pay and commercial insurance plans as out-of-network.

Do you offer virtual options?

We strongly believe that recovery is about connection and community. While the virtual option was necessary during the pandemic; we are striving to maintain the best client experience and quality of care possible. In-person treatment services have been identified as having a higher quality effectiveness and outcome. For those reasons, we are not offering virtual options now.

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At Birch Tree Recovery, we value our team. We understand how demanding our scope of practice can be; we believe in caring for people and acting with empathy. Establish roots with us and see the Birch Tree difference!

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