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Outpatient, Mental-Health Focused, Addiction Treatment In St. Louis, Missouri. Get Started Today With Personalized Addiction Treatment In St. Louis, Missouri.

addiction treatment st louis missouri

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Wherever you are on your journey, Birch Tree Recovery can work alongside you to create a healthier life, establish self-connection, instill effective coping mechanisms, eliminate anxiety, depression and further the path of your individual success in recovery. Start your recovery journey in our beautiful rehab center in St. Louis, Missouri today.

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Introducing Birch Tree Recovery's Addiction Treatment Center In St. Louis, Missouri

Evidence-Based Practices & Supportive, Integral Modalities

Our evidence-based practices consist of EMDR, DBT-Skillwork, SMART-Recovery, and more! Our supportive holistic modalities range from mindfulness practices like yoga, meditation and nature immersion to experiential modalities like aromatherapy, auriculotherapy, breathwork practices, somatic experiencing and more!

Individualized Therapy

Weekly, individual, CBT-based psychotherapy sessions with a licensed clinician are a key component to our program. It is during these individual sessions that the inward, more personal work is done.

Group Therapy

As humans we can sometimes fall victim to our own two dimensional reality when it comes to navigating through our recovery process. Groupwork brings different perceptions and adds depth to the therapeutic work you are doing. Groups can also act as a support structure and a sounding board, helping guide you to additional conclusions and resources.

Medication Access

Birch Tree Recovery is supportive of medically assisted treatment (MAT) and will help connect you with a prescribing, substance-use focused psychiatrist to collaborate with during your process.

Family Therapy & Education

Loved ones of individuals struggling with compulsive behaviors, anxiety, PTSD and depression, often become trapped in unhealthy patterns themselves. Your loved ones will have the opportunity to engage in bi-weekly family-oriented therapeutic offerings.

Continued Growth

We are dedicated to ensuring you are connected with quality services as part of your continued growth plan. We have carefully, hand-selected our community partners to ensure you will receive the best therapeutic care the STL area has to offer.

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At Birch Tree Recovery, we value our team. We understand how demanding our scope of practice can be; we believe in caring for people and acting with empathy. Establish roots with us and see the Birch Tree difference!

addiction treatment center st louis missouri

FAQs about Addiction Treatment In St. Louis, Missouri

How do I know if outpatient care is right for me?

The outpatient level of care was designed as a supportive option for individuals who have a lower risk of withdrawal and less symptom severity, and don’t require a 24hr structured setting.

What does your program schedule look like?


Does Birch Tree accept my insurance?

We are accepting self-pay and commercial insurance plans as out-of-network.

Do you offer virtual options?

We strongly believe that recovery is about connection and community. While the virtual option was necessary during the pandemic; we are striving to maintain the best client experience and quality of care possible. In-person treatment services have been identified as having a higher quality effectiveness and outcome. For those reasons, we are not offering virtual options now.

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What past clients say


Yehuda Romanoff

Met with the staff at Birch Tree yesterday. They are amazingly personable and professional. The facility  was beautiful as well! Highly recommend!


A therapeutic and professional atmosphere run by an all star team

Stephen Buffalow

5 Stars!! Highly recommend!
addiction rehab center st louis missouri

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