Does Amerigroup Cover Rehab?

Yes, Amerigroup covers drug and alcohol rehab in most states. To learn about specific coverage, read our guide below.

Published On: Jun 06, 2023

Amerigroup is a premier health insurance provider in the United States, known for offering comprehensive coverage plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals and families. The company prides itself on its extensive network of healthcare providers, including specialists in addiction and rehabilitation, who are committed to providing quality care to members.

Amerigroup's Comprehensive Rehab Coverage: What's Covered?

When it comes to rehab coverage, Amerigroup offers comprehensive benefits that cover a variety of treatments and services. The specific types of treatments covered can vary depending on the plan and location, but generally, Amerigroup covers the following:

Inpatient rehab

Amerigroup covers the cost of inpatient rehab programs, which involve staying at a treatment center for a set period of time to receive intensive therapy and support.

Outpatient rehab

Amerigroup also covers the cost of outpatient rehab programs, which allow individuals to receive treatment while living at home and attending therapy sessions on a regular basis.

Medication-assisted treatment

Amerigroup covers the cost of medication-assisted treatment, which involves using medication to help manage the symptoms of withdrawal and reduce the risk of relapse.

Behavioral therapy

Amerigroup covers the cost of behavioral therapy, which can help individuals identify the underlying causes of their addiction and develop strategies to overcome them.

Support groups

Amerigroup covers the cost of support groups, which can provide individuals with peer support and encouragement as they work toward recovery.

Amerigroup's Additional Benefits for Substance Abuse Treatment

In addition to covering the cost of rehab treatments, Amerigroup also offers a range of benefits related to substance abuse treatment. These benefits can include:

Case management

Amerigroup provides case management services to help individuals navigate the healthcare system and access the resources they need to recover from addiction.

Peer support

Amerigroup offers peer support programs that connect individuals with others who have gone through similar experiences and can provide guidance and support.

Aftercare planning

Amerigroup works with healthcare providers to develop aftercare plans that can help individuals maintain their sobriety after completing rehab.

Mental health support

Amerigroup recognizes that addiction often co-occurs with mental health issues and offers coverage for mental health services to help individuals address any underlying conditions.

What Rehab Centers Take Amerigroup Health Insurance?

Amerigroup has an extensive network of healthcare providers that offer substance abuse treatment services to its members. These providers include both inpatient and outpatient rehab centers, as well as individual therapists and counselors.

To find a rehab center that takes Amerigroup health insurance, members can use the provider search tool on the Amerigroup website. This tool allows individuals to search for healthcare providers by location, specialty, and accepted insurance plans.

It's important to note that coverage for substance abuse treatment can vary depending on the specific plan and location. Members should always check with their insurance provider or healthcare provider to confirm coverage details before seeking treatment.

Amerigroup: Comprehensive Health Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Amerigroup is a leading health insurance provider in the United States that offers comprehensive coverage for rehab treatments and services, as well as a range of benefits related to substance abuse treatment. The company is committed to helping individuals struggling with addiction access the resources they need to recover and lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Amerigroup understands the devastating impact of substance abuse on individuals and communities. To help combat this epidemic, Amerigroup has implemented various initiatives aimed at providing members struggling with addiction access to the resources they need to recover and lead healthy lives. Amerigroup's addiction and rehabilitation coverage includes a wide range of services, such as counseling, medication-assisted treatment, inpatient and outpatient services, and support for mental health issues that may contribute to addiction.

In addition to addiction and rehabilitation coverage, Amerigroup offers a variety of other healthcare services, including preventative care, emergency services, prescription drug coverage, and more. With a focus on innovation and customer service, Amerigroup is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of its members by making healthcare more accessible, affordable, and effective.

Birch Tree Recovery: Top-Rated Substance Use Treatment Provider Accepting Amerigroup Insurance

Birch Tree Recovery is a top-rated substance use treatment provider based in St. Louis, Missouri that accepts Amerigroup insurance. Their team of experienced professionals provides personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual's unique needs and circumstances. Birch Tree Recovery offers a wide range of evidence-based therapies and services, including medication-assisted treatment, behavioral therapy, and support groups. They also provide aftercare planning and ongoing support to help individuals maintain their sobriety long-term. If you're looking for high-quality addiction treatment that accepts Amerigroup insurance, Birch Tree Recovery is an excellent choice.

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